Lifestyle Insurance is now a reality - Insurance Powered by You!

WeSavvy’s Lifestyle rewarding technology and Kindlon’s experience have come together to offer you a unique experience tailored for the 21st century digital customer. Our current offering includes Health & Protection products.

How it Works

  • Get a Quote

    Fill in our simple and interactive form to get a personalised insurance quote. Our engine provides you with the cover you want at awesome prices.

  • Join WeSavvy Community

    Download the App and earn points which you can use at renewal of your insurance or other offers within the WeSavvy marketplace.

  • Take Control & Be Rewarded

    Be in control of your data and showcase your good Lifestyle choices to your Insurer using WeSavvy to be rewarded.

Lifestyle Insurance - let your Lifestyle dictate your policy. You live it – You control it!

Make good Lifestyle choices and reap the benefits through your insurance.

Insurance Policies

  • Awesome prices for innovative and inclusive products available online in a few minutes

    Awesome prices delivered by leveraging technology and innovative products. We charge a set fee from the commission and the rest of the pot is given back to you to earn through good lifestyle choices.

  • Real Savings

    Incorporate activity into your Lifestyle and earn points which can be used at renewal of your insurance policy, against Partner’s goods and services or donate to causes close to you, using the WeSavvy marketplace.

  • 100% Transparent - Simple - Fast

    We make the insurance purchasing experience transparent, simple and fast. By completing our interactive quote form, you get a response in minutes. Our policies are 100% transparent - they do what they say on the tin!

  • Data is Anonymised

    We really care about your personal data and do not share it with third parties and our insurance partners without your consent.

  • Make a difference and put a smile on someone's face

    Join the One Metric Only Cause. Track and share your heart rate for research. Donate your heart data in an anonymised manner for research using WeSavvy's App.

Take control now!

Get rewarded and gain control over your insurance with your Lifestyle data.

Meet John & Mary

This graphical example represents an estimated indication of potential saving power of WeSavvy Members ( John and Mary are examples for the purposes of illustration ). This is not a guarantee of saving potential during the lifecycle of your policy.

Save money and spend points on Products and Services.

We offer a wide range of products and services to keep you motivated. These range from healthy food, sportswear, gadgets, insurance services and we will keep adding more...

More Activity = More Rewards

You earn points every day. Your score is based on your monthly average activity.


40 points


30 points


25 points


20 points


15 points


10 points

Earn points for every day activities

  • Walk


  • Run


  • Cycle


  • Sleep


  • Heart


  • Weights

    Coming Soon!

  • Swimming

    Coming Soon!

  • Home

    Coming Soon!

  • Eating & Hydration

    Coming Soon!

  • Other

    Keep an eye out! ;)

Use your own device to track your activity

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Take control now!

Get rewarded and gain control over your insurance with your Lifestyle data.

New Model for a New Era

Lifestyle Insurance - Transparent. Rewarding. Empowering.


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Willing to share information for higher levels of personalisation and rewards.

Willing to share profits with Policyholders.

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